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Blindsided By His Betrayal

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Your husband cheated on you, and now you don't recognize yourself.

You used to be so together, so trusting. Now you're falling apart and doing things you would have never even considered doing, such as:

* Obsessively checking your husband's email and Facebook accounts

* Going through his cell phone history while he is in the shower

* Freaking out if he is 10 minutes late (or if you text him and he doesn't reply right away)

* Questioning whether you are attractive

* After a rare happy moment with your husband, getting really, really angry and raging at him out of nowhere

You're scared. Angry. Obsessive. Devastated.

One minute, you hope your marriage will make it. The next minute, you want to kill him. (And the other woman, too.)

All of this makes you feel like you are losing it. Sometimes you worry that you are going crazy. You wonder if you'll ever be the same again.

You are NOT crazy! You are having a normal reaction to being blindsided by your husband's betrayal! Your reactions are completely rational and expected responses to such a painful experience.

This book will help you figure out what to do as you deal with these explosive emotions. It's important that you understand that your feelings--erratic and unpredictable as they may be--are normal. You need to understand why you feel the things you feel and what to do with those feelings.

Caroline Madden, infidelity expert and marriage therapist describes:

Posttraumatic Affair Syndrome (PTAS)

7 Actions you want to take but should NOT (as They May Backfire Horribly)

Understand the thoughts that plague you

12 Actions that will help you get back to the woman you were

The stupid things your husband says and why he says it

This book does not take a position on whether or not you should stay in your marriage. The suggestions provided here will help you get through this difficult time, even if you decide to leave the marriage. It is geared towards helping you deal with your tumultuous emotions and make sound decisions.

The Light Between Window Blinds

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RRP $56.99

Blindsided: A Game Plan for Grief guides the reader through the emotional, physical, and spiritual complexities of the grieving process. Drawing from their personal experiences of loss and their practical and theoretical backgrounds, the authors discuss common misconceptions about grief and suggest helpful coping strategies. They adopt a creative and unique entry point into the conversation: sports. They transpose key concepts from the familiar world of sports to the unfamiliar world of grief, so that injury, loss, teamwork, communication, presence, legacy, celebration, and other principles from sports become guideposts to help you navigate your own unique grief journey.
"This is far and away the best book on living with grief that I know of." - Nicholas Wolterstorff


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