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Fifty Shades Of Bondage & Submission

RRP $19.95

Bored with vanilla sex? Now that a certain bestseller has set imaginations afire, everyone's eager to explore the world of BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism). Let the fun and games begin, with this sizzling-hot guide to power play! Learn the ropes (literally) of bondage, try titillating torture for a spanking good time, and enjoy daring ideas with blindfolds, whips, and Wartenberg wheels. Whether your urge is to be mistress or pupil, strapped to the bed or holding the cane, you'll find a way to get your kink on.
New in paperback.

Shades Of Sentiment

RRP $66.99

A journey through the dark heart of love An exploration of the chains which bound her The pain that broke her And the light that brought her into a new world From the birth of love Toward the heights of passion To the crest of darkness To the darkness of loss And the bright light of rebirth A collection to give hope That we are never alone

Shades Of Deviance

RRP $352.99

Written in a unique format, Shades of Deviance is a turbo-driven guide to crime and deviance, offering 56 politically engaged, thought-provoking and accessibly written accounts of a wide range of socially and legally prohibited acts. This book will be essential reading for undergraduate students in the fields of criminology and sociology and those preparing to embark on degree courses in these fields, as well as general readers.

Written by field-leading experts from across the globe and designed for those who want a clear and exciting introduction to the complex areas of crime and deviance, this book provides a large number of short overviews of a wide range of social problems, harms and criminal acts. Offering a series of cutting-edge and critical treatments of issues such as war and murder, paedophilia, ecocide, human experimentation, stalking and sexting, this book also gives a guide to further readings and suggestions for other media to develop the reader's understanding of these issues.

Shades of Deviance requires readers to critically reconsider their ideas about what is right and wrong, about what is socially harmful and which problems we should focus our attention on. It also provides careful analysis and reasoned explanation of complex issues in a world in which sensationalist headlines, anxiety and fear about crime permeate our lives - read it to be prepared!


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Blinds Interiors Curtains Shade
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Blinds Interiors Curtains Shade
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